Mediatoolkit @ Job Fair 2022 - Go beyond the boothbackground

Mediatoolkit @ Job Fair 2022 : Beyond the Booth

Our booth was just the trailer. This is Episode 1.

Thanks for stopping by and meeting us!

(And the cardboard versions of us.)

We hope you had fun! 💙

Here's the thing, though: Mediatoolkit is more than a few company reps, a TV screen and a bunch of graphs. We develop a complex tool and work to improve it every day - and our experience is something they don't tell you about at university.

Long story short,
our developers are here to spill the tea 
about everything you may want to hear. 

What's next?

  • ✅ Visit our booth at Job Fair.

    Nice to meet you!

  • ✅ Sticker-vote for your topic of choice.

    Reminder: One was about complex microservice architecture design, the other was about how and why we use Angular.

  • 🟩 Confirm your vote!

    Scroll down and fill in our form - just leave your name, email, and topic of choice.
    [We promise we won't spam you.]

If we did everything right, this is where you confirm your vote.

In other words, this is the end of Episode 1. Episode 2 happens in our Zagreb office. No binging, though! Sign up below and we'll reach out to you with more deets.

✅ Sticker-vote confirmed. What's next-next?

Long story short, we'll review each submission and choose a small number of students to attend our workshop. We'll make our decisions based on your topic of choice, your CV, and, if you stopped by to chat with us, your motivation and interests 😄
Either way, we'll reach out to you, even if we decide to get to know you better another time. Here's what you can do while you wait for our email:

Pošalji nam otvorenu molbu 😄