Senior Angular Developer

Zagreb, Croatia

📍 Zagreb, Croatia / hybrid
🗣 English, Croatian
💰 28.000,00 - 40.000,00 kuna gross 

We’re looking for an experienced new addition to our Product team who will create amazing solutions for our product, influence team processes and share knowledge about best practices. 🧑‍💻


You thrive on being able to influence what we do and how we do it, which means you have deep domain understanding and familiarity with a broad range of technologies. You show technical ownership and can handle technical plans and architecture autonomously, while enjoying teamwork and being able to share your knowledge. 

You have: 

  • A lot of JavaScript experience*

  • ES6+ and TypeScript

  • RxJS

  • API services

  • Webpack

  • State management (Akita, NgRx, Redux, etc.)

  • Jest, Jasmine, or Cypress

  • SCSS

*We use Angular 2+, but if you don’t have experience with Angular, or have more with any of the “big” frameworks, we’d love to meet you - we believe great people can both learn fast, as well as introduce us to something new or even better. 

You may or may not have:

  • Experience with backend and frontend optimization 

  • Experience with Docker/Kubernetes

  • Experience with CI/CD (Github Actions) 

  • Experience using WebSockets

  • Familiarity with Nrwl Nx

  • Familiarity with Angular Material and CDK


Mediatoolkit is the company behind a SaaS media monitoring tool that tracks relevant mentions of brands and companies across the web and social media in real-time. Our product is used daily by more than 4000 business users in more than 100 countries around the world, and we are growing faster every day. That also means growing our 50+ team of passionate individuals focused on personal and business growth.

MEET YOUR TEAM - and yourself in it

Our Product team is responsible for the development of the Mediatoolkit web service and the app, which are used 24/7 by thousands of parallel users. Aside from Mediatoolkit, we also take care of additional internal and external products. Based on the data collected by the Engineering team, our task is to develop a perfectly optimized tool that will be able to display the same data to users with a superior user experience.
You’ll work on a complex product, owned entirely by us, and have an important role in planning its development. Our primary framework is Angular, and we use Typescript and RxJS, while constantly keeping an eye on new framework and library versions and taking the time to refactor to stay up to date. If you want to know how we look at design patterns, testing, and quality code, you should probably just check out what our senior developers have to say about that themselves

So, what you’re actually going to do is:

  • Solving our customers’ problems by creating amazing solutions  - you’ll work on all Mediatoolkit products, with a focus on frontend “programming” (meaning you don’t need to worry about all those UX things our Product Design already covers). 

  • Taking ownership and influencing and optimizing system design and architecture, as well as our team processes

  • Writing, maintaining, testing, and documenting your code

  • Growing your team and its knowledge by code reviewing, pair programming, and mentoring other developers (and if you’re interested, interviewing candidates).  


Enough with the chunks of text. Here's a brief overview of what we offer:

At Mediatoolkit, we're especially big on advancement, and the only way to give you an idea of what's behind the brief overview above is - another chunk of text. Or seven. Here goes:

  1. Individual development plans. Get this: your manager has an annual plan of activities that covers your performance, engagement and satisfaction. You, on the other hand, create a plan for personal development consisting of action steps for getting to where you want to be. Those can be a list of educations, conferences, working with an external mentor, working on a specific project, anything.

  2. Educational budget. Now that you have your own plan, it’s time to put our money where our mouth is - we give you the funds you need to attend those conferences, work with that mentor and advance those skills. You know what’s best for your development, we trust your judgment and can’t wait for you to come back upskilled and ready for new challenges!

  3. Weekly one-on-one time with your team lead. 'One-on-one time' comes in two forms: 1:1s and Quality Times.
    Glossary: 1:1, adj. = a (bi)weekly meeting with your manager in which you discuss your progress and solve any roadblocks or challenges you are facing. Quality Time, n. = a ‘meeting’ for you and your manager in which you literally spend quality time together - not really business-related, and in no way tied to the office space.

  4. Training and development. Mediatoolkit exposes you to different experiences from the get-go, and that's where you grow the most. However, we make sure you know all you need (and want) to know at the right time, and have all the information and skills to handle every new challenge.

  5. Feedback culture. This phrase gets thrown around a lot, but not everyone means it or works on it. Well, we do - our managers are continuously trained by internal and external partners in evidence-based feedback practice. We actively create opportunities for receiving, giving and asking for feedback at every turn through platforms, reviews, development conversations, and 1:1s. We make sure you always know what you need to know, and if you ever feel like you need more, that is exactly what you’ll get.

  6. Mentorship programs. Knowledge-sharing is something we’re big on every day without having a program in place, but we also have a program in place - just in case! Our MT Mentors program was created to connect those who have a skill to share, and those who want said skill. In short, if you want to become better at X, we will connect you to the person who does X best - and who continuously improves said X through workshops and conferences to give you the best possible picture of X.

  7. Mediatoolkit subscription plan for you and an NGO of your choice. We have a hunch that our own tool can serve the purpose of personal and professional development - imagine getting all the news about all the topics that interest you in real-time. That’s why each employee gets a premium subscription to use however they see fit. And in the spirit of knowledge-sharing and community, you can also give an additional subscription plan to a non-governmental organization you support and help them make an even bigger impact by getting relevant information.


Now that you've seen how you'll head towards where you want to be, you may be wondering what life looks like for developers at Mediatoolkit. You can check out what our own senior developers have to say about that (and more) right here.

In the beginning, you'll spend some time learning about our company, our teams, and the way we work. You'll get up to €1500,00 annually for individual learning & development purposes, and since it’s important that our seniors share their knowledge through mentoring more junior developers, we ensure you have all the necessary skills. Down the line, your career path can take either a more management role, such as Frontend Team Lead, or an IC one, like a Software Architect - depending on your preferences and competencies. Either way, your manager and your team will be right here to support your growth every day.

Mediatoolkit is a fast-growing company, which in our case means opportunities for both vertical and horizontal professional growth. We value quality, learning, and development, and hire people whose knowledge and ambition align with our culture of progress. All of our hiring decisions are made with the assumption that you will constantly learn and grow, and eventually even create completely new career paths within our team. If working in a team like this piques your interest, we would love to meet you!

Our Values are Community, Ownership, Progress, Transparency, and Quality, and they guide everything we do.

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Senior Angular Developer

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Senior Angular Developer

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