Customer Success

We want to offer our clients the best possible experience while using our tool - making sure to earn and keep their trust.

Meet the team

Photo ofSanjin Korać

Sanjin Korać

Head of Revenue

Photo ofNikolina Pitner Zlatec

Nikolina Pitner Zlatec

Account Manager

Photo ofMatea Kolić

Matea Kolić

Renewal Executive

Photo ofMarko Gilja

Marko Gilja

Customer Success Manager

Photo ofLucija Knezić

Lucija Knezić

Customer Success Manager

Photo ofMarlena Horvat

Marlena Horvat

Customer Support Representative

Photo ofToni Skoko

Toni Skoko

Customer Support Representative

Photo ofGracijela Maltašić

Gracijela Maltašić

Customer Support Intern

Photo ofTea Vučić

Tea Vučić

Customer Success Intern

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