We strive to create a product that we can be proud of. Our clients’ needs come first and guide all our decision-making processes.

Meet the team

Photo ofAntun Tomašević

Antun Tomašević

Head of Product

Photo ofIvana Tafra

Ivana Tafra

QA Tester

Photo ofMarta Klarić Ravnić

Marta Klarić Ravnić

Product Designer

Photo ofDomagoj Kolić

Domagoj Kolić

Junior Product Owner

Photo ofLucija Košković

Lucija Košković

Junior Data Analyst

Photo ofHrvoje Bernardić

Hrvoje Bernardić

Senior Software Developer

Photo ofIgor Božić

Igor Božić

Technical Support Engineer

Photo ofDamir Bogadi

Damir Bogadi

Product Manager

Photo ofMladen Lamešević

Mladen Lamešević

Junior Technical Support Engineer

Photo ofAjdin Mustafić

Ajdin Mustafić

QA Engineer

Photo ofGracijela Maltašić

Gracijela Maltašić

Junior Product Designer

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